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Game Statsistics
User online: 4
Max online: 99
Total games: 79494
Total Head: 38703(48.69%)
Total Tail: 40791(51.31%)
Guess perfect money Results
Head 539950** Tail
Tail 539950** Head
Tail 539950** Head
Head 338933** Tail
Tail 338933** Head
Tail 338933** Head
Head 342406** Tail
Head 338933** Head
Head 501268** Head
Head 454354** Head
Head 454354** Tail
Head 543933** Tail
Tail 543933** Head
Head 543933** Tail
Tail 543933** Head
Tail 543933** Head
Head 543933** Tail
Tail 543933** Tail
Head 543933** Tail
Tail 525811** Head

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